Katie's Week in Review: February 5, 2017

It’s Super Bowl Sunday which has particularly special meaning for my family this year. (More on that here.) For now, here are the links to tech news of note for the week ending February 5, 2017:

  • Apple’s record quarter by the numbers - Six Colors - As always, Jason Snell breaks down Apple’s numbers with graphs breaking down the results. You’ll see a few interesting trends.
  • The future of computing - Marco.org - The iPad continues its downward spiral trend. While it still sells far more units than Macs, Marco Arment questions the iPad’s future. Are people simply not buying them, or just not as often as Apple would like?
  • Apple Watch Dominated Holiday Season With Estimated 5.2 Million Shipments - MacRumors - The Apple watch, while still relegated to the “other” category in Apple’s finical report had a record quarter. I am personally very bullish on the Apple Watch and think it’s best days are yet to come.
  • Apple Said to Work on Mac Chip That Would Lessen Intel Role - Bloomberg - Is Apple developing an ARM-based Mac? Or perhaps their own chip, much like the custom chip that powers the Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro, that adds and enhances the computer’s capabilities?
  • Firm That Helped FBI Break Into San Bernardino iPhone Gets Hacked, Tools Leaked Online - Redmond Pie - We were warned that exactly this type of thing would happen. Still think backdoors are a good idea?
  • Pro Apps Bundle for Education - Apple released the Pro Apps Bundle for education offering Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3 for $200. The deal is available for students, teachers, faculty and staff through the Apple Store for Education.
  • Introducing Dropbox Smart Sync and new collaboration tools - Dropbox Business Blog - In the good news/bad news category. Dropbox has finally released the “selective sync” feature we were all waiting for as well as other enhancements. But only for Business users, for now. I use Dropbox for my business, but sadly Business plans have a minimum 5 person license. I’d probably upgrade to a business plan if I could for one, but I’m not buying four extra licenses I don’t need.
  • Law Students Must Disable MacBook Pro Touch Bar App Functionality for 2017 Bar Exam - Mac Rumors - When I took the Bar Exam it was one of the first years it was available to be taken on the computer, and of course it was PC only. I had to borrow my grandmother’s PC. I’m not sure what the cheating concern with the Touch Bar is here - but I’m at least excited people can take the computer on a Mac.
  • Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2016 - Backblaze uses more hard drives than just about any other business I know. It’s always interesting when they release their reliability statistics.