New Home, New Tech Updates

As a follow-up to my “New Home, New Tech” article, I thought I’d mention a couple of items of note.

First, 9to5 toys notes that the Top Greener Smart Ultra High Speed USB Charger Outlet with 15 Amp Receptacle with 3 Faces is available on Amazon for $15.88 when yo apply coupon code RLFQ6HCT at check out.

I had a USB outlet installed in the kitchen counter of my old home and loved it for charging my devices quickly or making outlets available for guests. My old outlet doesn’t match new backsplash (wrong color) and this outlet has nice upgrades including higher power output for faster charging. I look forward to installing my new outlet this weekend.

There’s also a report from Forbes that Apple is making the HomeKit platform more accessible to third parties. This includes looser licensing and a change to the spec so that compatible products no longer have to include a hardware authentication chip. Instead, authentication will go through software and a firmware update may allow existing or future products to use the software-based authorization.

This is still a very early announcement but could mean that our existing IOT products could be updated to work with Home Kit or at least a lot easier for future products. So, how about Nest support?